Styleable Min/Max/Unit/Mixed Display

Version 1.0.1 released by lat9

Copyright (c) 2013-2015, Vinos de Frutas Tropicales

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What it does

Zen Cart Demo Min/Max Products

This plugin makes a slight modification to the core Zen Cart function zen_get_products_quantity_min_units_display, wrapping each of the separate elements with an HTML <span> to allow a product's display to be more customizable.

The image to the left illustrates some of the Zen Cart "demo products" that highlight the min/max/unit/mixed features. When you view the HTML source generated for the Min and Units NOMIX product, for example, there's nothing to grab as a CSS selector to properly style the output:

Min: 6 Units: 3<br />*Mixed OFF

Once this plugin is installed, the generated HTML includes class-based spans that allow you to separately style each element:

<span class="qmin">Min:  6</span><span class="qunit"> Units:  3</span><span class="qmix"><br />*Mixed OFF</span>

Now you're styling! The Max: value uses a class of qmax.


There is one core-file overwrite in this plugin; you should always backup your cart's database and files prior to making any changes.

  1. Make a backup copy of the plugin's one changed file, then merge any previous changes with the marked changes for this plugin. Finally, copy the file to your store's file-system:
    1. /includes/functions/functions_prices.php. This uses the downwardly-compatible Zen Cart v1.5.5 version of the file as the change basis.


Replace the plugin's core-file overwrite with the backup version of the file.

Version History: