Admin CSS3 Buttons for Zen-Cart v1.5.0 to v1.5.5

Version 1.0.5 by lat9 (

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What it does

This plugin replaces Zen-Cart admin's button functionality with some CSS3 styling. The buttons produced have rounded corners in the more recent browsers and "fall back" to squared corners on non-CSS3 aware browsers.

Once you have installed the SQL patch provided by the plugin, there is an additional configuration item in your admin's Configuration->Layout Settings: Use CSS Buttons (Admin)?. Set the value to false (the default) to disable the CSS-button functionality; set the value to true to enable the functionality.

Currencies Display Without CSS Currencies Display With CSS

The image to the left shows the default look of your admin's Localization->Currencies; the image to the right shows the same page using the default CSS styling (controlled by /YOUR_ADMIN/includes/stylesheet_css_buttons_admin.css).


There are core-file overwrites in this plugin; you should always backup your cart's database and files prior to making any changes.

  1. Unzip the plugin's package file and rename the YOUR_ADMIN folder to match your custom admin folder's name.
  2. Log into your Zen Cart admin, open the plugin's file /css_buttons_admin_install.sql, copy and paste the contents of that file into your admin's Tools->Install SQL Patches and press the Send button.
  3. Copy the files provided by the plugin to your Zen Cart:
    1. /YOUR_ADMIN/includes/stylesheet.css
    2. /YOUR_ADMIN/includes/stylesheet_admin_css_buttons.css
    3. /YOUR_ADMIN/includes/functions/html_output.php


Replace the backup copies of the files you copied during the installation, delete the new files and run the plugin's file /css_buttons_admin_uninstall.sql.