All Invoices for Zen Cart v1.5.0 through v1.5.5

Version 2.1.1 by lat9

Current support thread at Zen Cart Forums: This software is provided for your use under the GNU General Public License.

Version History:

v2.0.0 of this plugin has been modified to operate properly with Zen Cart v1.5.0 and later only.


Version 1.0 authored by:

Mathew O'Marah
mdo design

What it does

For busy stores you quite often print all the outstanding invoices and/or packing slips, pick the orders and then go in to update the status of the orders. This plugin allows you to view and print the invoices and/or packing slips for all orders with a selected order-status with a single button click.

Once you've installed the plugin, its auto-installer runs the first time someone signs into your Zen Cart admin. To access the plugin, go to your admin's Reports->All Invoices or Reports->All Packing Slips. From that page, use the dropdown to select the order-status value you'd like to display. If any orders exist with the selected order-status, the invoices/packing slips display (in a separate browser tab) on-screen as a continuous list without breaks, but if you print that page each invoice/packing slip starts printing on a new page.


There are no core-file overwrites in this plugin, but you should always backup your cart's database and files prior to making any changes.

Copy the following files to your cart's installation, after renaming the YOUR_ADMIN directory to match your custom admin directory's name:

  1. /YOUR_ADMIN/all_invoices.php
  2. /YOUR_ADMIN/all_packingslips.php
  3. /YOUR_ADMIN/includes/extra_datafiles/all_invoices_filenames.php
  4. /YOUR_ADMIN/includes/functions/extra_functions/init_all_invoices.php
  5. /YOUR_ADMIN/includes/languages/english/all_invoices.php
  6. /YOUR_ADMIN/includes/languages/english/all_packingslips.php
  7. /YOUR_ADMIN/includes/languages/english/extra_definitions/all_invoices_name.php
  8. /YOUR_ADMIN/includes/templates/tpl_all_invoices.php
  9. /YOUR_ADMIN/includes/templates/tpl_all_packingslips.php


First, delete the files that were copied to your zen-cart installation's admin directories then use your admin's Tools->Run SQL Patches to run the file all_invoices_uninstall.sql that is provided in the root directory of this package.