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Plugin Version: v4.2.0
Zen Cart Version(s) Supported: 1.5.7a-c
Database Changes? Yes
Admin Overwrites? No
Storefront Overwrites? Yes (2)
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Product Tags: seo

This plugin enables your store to have an "Affiliate Program", where an authorized referrer can receive a commission for any sales that they "drive" to your store. To become an authorized referrer, the referrer must create an account with your store and then submit to you (via the referrer_signup page) the website from which they intend to promote your store. You'll receive an email informing you of the signup and you can authorize the referrer using an admin-level tool.

Once authorized, the referrer can access your site's referrer_tools and referrer_main pages via links from their account page to access the information necessary to include their referrer key in links from their store to yours and to view a snapshot of their current commission history.

Starting with v3.0.0, your referrers can choose their form of commission payment! Built-in forms of payment include Check/Money-order and (optionally) PayPal®

For more information, you can view the plugin's readme.html file by clicking the Readme icon below.

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