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With more and more web-hosts dropping support for PHP versions prior to 7.4, I can help you by upgrading your Zen Cart to the most-recent version (currently v1.5.8a). The starting upgrade price shown to the left applies to a single-language Zen Cart v1.5.7c website with a minimum number of overrides (i.e. 6 or fewer non-language files to be merged).

The final price for your upgrade will depend on the number of files that require merging or updating, your current Zen Cart version and your current plugins' compatibility with the target Zen Cart and PHP versions. As part of the upgrade process, I'll make the changes required to ensure that all your PHP files are PHP 8.2-ready. For additional information, see Upgrading Your Zen Cart®.

Your current site's plugins and customizations (except in rare cases, which I'll contact you about before proceeding) will be kept through the upgrade. I'll also incorporate known bug-fixes — so you don't have to!


  1. Any feature that was removed from the base distribution will not be included in your upgrade. For example, an upgrade from v1.3.x will include neither the tell_a_friend page nor the admin area's htmlarea editor.
  2. If your store's database is currently using a latin1 collation, your upgrade quote will include a required database conversion to utf8mb4.

When you Get a Quote for an upgrade, I'll give you an email address so that you can send me a zipped version of your current Zen Cart installation along with a list of your currently-installed plugins. Based on the number of changes between your current installation and the most-recent Zen Cart release, I'll be able to give you an accurate quote — both in cost and the amount of time it will take.

Since every Zen Cart is different, I don't understand how other sites can accurately quote a one-size-fits-all upgrade price — either there are hidden costs that will be revealed to you "later" or you're overpaying from the get-go.

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