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Model: v3.1.1
Zen Cart Version(s) Supported:1.5.6, 1.5.7
Database Changes?Yes
Admin Overwrites?No
Store-front Overwrites?Optional
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v3.0.0 (and later) of News Box Manager builds on the previous versions of the plugin, adding the following features for Zen Cart 1.5.6 and later:

  1. Enables the creation of up to four (4) different types of 'news', each separately manageable.
    1. Separate admin tools for each type, enables different admin profiles to manage each news type.
    2. An additional tool enables the management of all news types.
    3. Two (2) storefront sideboxes are now provided, enabling different news types to be displayed in different locations.
  2. Uses the zc156 admin's bootstrap support for its admin-tool displays.
    1. Adds search and sort controls to the admin-level tools, making it easier to manage your news articles.
    2. Adds controls to the admin's article-listing, enabling you to make a copy of an article and/or to move an article to a different news-type.
  3. Changes the storefront news_archive and more_news pages to be all_articles and article, respectively.
    1. Previous pages' header-processing remains to redirect access to those pages (permanently) to their new homes!
  4. Watches for admin-level language-addition and -removal actions, adjusting the articles' news-content accordingly.

Additional changes:

  1. An article must have non-blank title and content in all the store's languages (previously only one language was required).
    1. On installation, any article found to have a blank title or content in any of the store's languages is disabled.
  2. Due to the significant changes to the various language files, the German language files have been removed from the distribution.

See the Latest Blog Posts side-box for an example of the usage!

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