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Minimum Customer Account Information


Plugin Version:v1.4.2
Zen Cart Version(s) Supported:1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.5.2, 1.5.3
Database Changes?Yes
Admin Overwrites?Yes
Store-front Overwrites?Yes
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Please note: Given the current festuch regarding the 2015 EU Digital VAT (plus the fact that virtual products can be taxable), I'm withdrawing support for this plugin. You might be interested in All Virtual Products — No Shipping as a replacement.

You've got a store that sells only virtual products, so none of your products require shipping information. None of the payment methods you accept require you to send the customer's full address prior to processing, so why make the customer enter their address information for your store?

Since all products in the store are virtual, the checkout_shipping page is bypassed … reducing the number of steps in your store's checkout to two (checkout_payment and checkout_confirmation). The invoices generated by your store's admin contain no references to shipping addresses. There's no "Packing Slip" link on your admin's Customers->Orders page, since there's nothing to pack!

This plugin reduces the information gathered during account creation to:

  1. Gender, if your admin's Configuration->Customer Details->Gender is set to true.
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Country, if your admin's Configuration->Customer Details->Minimum Account: Include Country? is set to true, for v1.3.0 and later of this plugin.
  5. Forum Nick Name, if your admin's Configuration->My Store->Enable phpBB linkage? is set to true and the phpBB installation is properly configured.
  6. Telephone Number, if your admin's Configuration->Customer Details->Telephone Number is set to true.
  7. Fax Number, if your admin's Configuration->Customer Details->Fax Number is set to true.
  8. Company, if your admin's Configuration->Customer Details->Company is set to true.
  9. Date of Birth, if your admin's Configuration->Customer Details->Date of Birth is set to true.
  10. Email Address, with its matching Confirm Email Address.
  11. Password, with its matching Confirm Password.
  12. Newsletter subscription check-box and HTML/Text-only radio buttons
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