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VAT for EU Countries (VAT4EU)


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Plugin Version: v3.2.0
Zen Cart Version(s) Supported: 1.5.8a, 2.0.0
Database Changes? Yes
Admin Overwrites? No
Storefront Overwrites? No
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Product Tags: zc158 zc200

Your store is registered as a business within the EU and some (or all) of your customers are B2B (Business-to-Business), so you would like to offer them VAT refunds for purchases made in your store but shipped to another country in the EU.

That's where VAT4EU comes in. The plugin provides the changes necessary to gather and validate the customer's VAT number, display that information on order-related pages (both storefront and admin) and provide a VAT refund for those out-of-country shipments.

The plugin has been designed for use with Zen Cart 1.5.8a and 2.0.0, using a minimum of core- and template-override changes to minimize the difficulty of installation. Please refer to the plugin's readme for additional information — just click that Readme icon to the right.


  1. For Zen Cart 2.0.0, no core-file overwrites!
  2. If your store runs on Zen Cart v1.5.8a, there are a couple of core-file changes required — essentially picking up these Zen Cart 2.0.0 changes:
    1. admin/customers.php to include these updates that were applied after v1.5.8a's release. Without those changes, you will not be able to successfully update a customer's record if the VAT Number was found to be invalid!
    2. includes/classes/Customer.php to include this change; otherwise, a customer's entered VAT Number won't be added to various pages' formatted-address(es) displays.
    3. includes/functions/functions_addresses.php, to include this change; otherwise, formatted addresses that should contain a VAT Number might not.

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