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Model: v4.3.0
Zen Cart Version(s) Supported:1.5.7a-d
Database Changes?Yes
Admin Overwrites?No
Store-front Overwrites?No
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This plugin (POSM) provides a method for you to assign stock levels for your products based on product-attribute combinations (also known as "product variants" or "stock by attributes"). For example, if you sell T-shirts with sizes of Small, Medium and Large, this plugin enables you to specify that there are 3-Small, 4-Medium and 2-Large currently in stock — and then manages those stock levels for you. That's the easy part, what if you have a product that has three (3) options:

  1. Size: Small, Medium and Large
  2. Color: Black, White, Red, Blue and Pink
  3. Trim-color: Black, White, Red, Blue and Pink

You don't actually stock all 75 option-combinations for this product, just a select subset. The Products' Options' Stock Manager (POSM) allows you to choose which option-combinations you actually stock and want to manage.

Each managed option can be configured to have a unique Model/SKU and a customized out-of-stock message. If you choose, managed products with multiple options are handled as dependent attributes on the product's detailed information page!

The plugin, starting with v2.2.0, also provides handlers to enable you to import and export your store's POSM configuration using the Database I/O Manager! That should make some people's jobs a little bit easier.

You can see the storefront side of POSM in action on my demo site; click here to view a list of different POSM-managed products.


  1. Versions 4.0.0 and later require a Zen Cart base of 1.5.5e and later (including v1.5.6). If you previously purchased POSM for an earlier version of Zen Cart, v4.0.0 will continue to operate on your site after you've performed its upgrade steps. If you are a first-time purchasor and are still using an earlier version of Zen Cart, note this in your order's comments and I'll email you a copy of v3.1.2 of POSM to provide the base from which you can upgrade to v4.0.0.
  2. The core-file changes documented for POSM v4.0.0 are built into Zen Cart v1.5.6a and later … no more core/template file overwrites!
  3. Changes in v4.1.1 to support the copying of the POSM configuration for products (when copying products and/or attributes) requires the update of one core-file to include notifications enabling those operations.
  4. Version 4.2.0 and later supports Zen Cart 1.5.7, with no core-file overwrites!
  5. Starting with v4.3.0:
    1. The minimum Zen Cart base requirement is now v1.5.7a. The POSM distribution has been modified so that many of the plugin's required core/template changes are assumed to be in your Zen Cart base code. If you're still running an earlier Zen Cart version and are performing an initial install, please contact me to request a previous version of POSM. Upgrading from a prior version is still possible, since the required notifications and/or processing were previously installed!
    2. The minimum PHP version supported is now 5.6, since the plugin now uses PHP's short array-syntax.

POSM versions 2.0.0 and later support extensions, the first of which is Products' Options' Stock Manager — Price/Weight!

The plugin also provides a script to allow you to convert your existing "Stock by Attributes (SBA)" configuration into its POSM equivalent!

For the full details, please refer to the plugin's readme — accessed by clicking the "Readme" button above.

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