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Orders Status History -- Updated By

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Plugin Version:v2.0.0
Zen Cart Version(s) Supported:1.5.4, 1.5.5
Database Changes?Yes
Admin Overwrites?Yes (1)
Store-front Overwrites?No
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This plugin provides a common framework that other Zen Cart plugins can use to manipulate a newly-created field — updated_by — in the orders_status_history database table. The plugin includes an admin auto-installer to create the database field and a set of functions that provide a common-use manipulation of that field.

The primary processing file (/includes/functions/extra_functions/osh_updated_by_functions.php) contains the functionality used by both the Zen Cart storefront and admin:

  1. If not already present, the field named updated_by is added to the database table TABLE_ORDERS_STATUS_HISTORY.
  2. If running on the admin-side, a function named zen_updated_by_admin is defined (if it doesn't already exist). The function creates a common-format value for the updated_by when an order's status is updated by a Zen Cart admin.
  3. If not already present, the function zen_update_orders_status_history is defined to provide common handling/creation of an orders_status_history record (including the value for the updated_by field).

Note: v2.0.0 of the plugin operates only on Zen Cart versions 1.5.4 and 1.5.5. For previous versions of the plugin, please refer to the releases posted on this GitHub repository.

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