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Model: v3.1.0
Zen Cart Version(s) Supported:1.5.1, 1.5.2, 1.5.3, 1.5.4, 1.5.5, 1.5.6
In Zen Cart® Core:Zen Cart 1.5.7
Database Changes?Yes
Admin Overwrites?Yes
Store-front Overwrites?Yes
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This plugin provides an easy way for developers to control the logging of all PHP-related errors to a myDEBUG*.log file. After you've installed the plugin, there are three new values in your admin's Configuration->Logging:

  1. Report All Errors (Admin)?. Set this value to Yes to enable all PHP errors to be reported for admin-related pages.
  2. Report All Errors (Store)?. Set this value to Yes to enable all PHP errors to be reported for store-related pages.
  3. Report All Errors: Backtrace on Notice Errors?. Set this value to Yes to include the "backtrace" information with each PHP Notice report, increasing the size of the generated .log file. The default value of No should be used in most circumstances, since those "Notice" errors are normally due to a coding construct present in the file named in the report. (Added in v2.0.2)
Note: Starting with v2.0.0, there is an additional setting IgnoreDups that will disallow logging of duplicate-constant notifications (like when you've got language-file overrides).

Note: Starting with Zen Cart v1.5.7, the functionality provided by this plugin is included in the Zen Cart core, thus rendering this plugin obsolete for that and later Zen Cart versions.

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