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Model: v1.1.3
Zen Cart Version(s) Supported:1.5.4, 1.5.5
In Zen Cart® Core:Zen Cart 1.5.3 (partial)
Database Changes?Yes
Admin Overwrites?No
Store-front Overwrites?Yes (2)
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Readme:Click here to read this plugin's readme file (it will open in a new window).
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Note: Starting with v1.1.3, this plugin's installation instructions support Zen Cart v1.5.4 and later. There have been too many changes to the /includes/functions/html_output.php file to continue distributing that file itself — the installation instructions now include changes required to that file. The same is true for the modifications to /includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html_header.php.

This plugin extends the CSS button support provided by Zen Cart v1.5.4 and later to enable your buttons to also include Font Awesome glyphs. Refer to the plugin's readme for additional details.

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