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Plugin Version:v1.1.0
Zen Cart Version(s) Supported:1.5.0, 1.5.1
In Zen Cart® Core:Zen Cart 1.5.2
Database Changes?Yes
Admin Overwrites?Yes
Store-front Overwrites?Yes
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You've got a store and you only want to ship to four countries … today. This plugin allows you to enable or disable individual countries in your database so that if you decide tomorrow that you now want to ship to seven countries, it's a simple matter of clicking a couple of buttons in your admin area to enable the next three.

The plugin updates the display of your admin's Location/Taxes->Countries. Countries that are Active show a green-dot and those that are Inactive show a red-dot. You can change a country's status by either clicking on the dot to toggle between active and inactive or via check-box input if you choose to Edit that country's settings.

When a country is Inactive, that country cannot be used in any customer address — neither the billing nor shipping address can reside in that country. If an existing customer has an address-book entry in a country that is now inactive, that customer will be redirected to the address_book_process page upon login. From that page, they can either change the no-longer-supported address to have an active country, delete the no-longer-supported address or logoff.

Note: Upgrade instructions for Zen Cart v1.5.2 and later are provided in the in the plugin's readme.html file.

Note: Starting with Zen Cart v1.5.2, the functionality provided by this plugin is included in the Zen Cart core, thus rendering this plugin obsolete for that and later Zen Cart versions.

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