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Blog: Zen Cart 1.5.5b!


Wow, where did the year go?  In the interim, the Zen Cart developers have finalized the 1.5.5 (initial) release and augmented that with 1.5.5a and 1.5.5b releases.  Here at Vinos de Frutas Tropicales, I've released:

  1. Updates to Edit Orders, working with the Zen Cart development team to get the admin-level "sanitization" introduced in 1.5.5a to "play nice" with EO.
  2. The DataBase I/O Manager (DbIo), an alternative to EZ-populate that's designed from the ground up.
  3. The One-Page Checkout plugin, reducing the normally 3-page checkout handling to a single page of information gathering ... making it easier for your customer's to complete their purchases.

A Zen Cart 1.5.5b release provides an incremental improvement over 1.5.5a, squishing bugs reported in 1.5.5a and accommodating interface changes introduced by some of the payment providers (like

Over the next year, I'll be bringing my various plugins up to the Zen Cart 1.5.5b notifier interface and removing support for Zen Cart versions prior to 1.5.3.  ZC 1.5.3 introduced the concept (needed for PHP versions post-5.3) of a variable that can be modified by a "notifier".  Since I focus on releasing plugins that "seamlessly" plug into your cart, that's an absolute necessity!

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