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Blog: Zen Cart 1.5.5 Features


Zen Cart 1.5.5’s imminent release on December 29th has been announced.  I’ve had a chance to do some basic comparisons to see what’s changed and new; here’s a short list (I’ll update as I find more):

  1. Now includes a built-in responsive template!
  2. Ability for an admin to reset a customer’s password.
  3. Includes myDEBUG Backtrace.
  4. Includes Common Email Styling.
  5. PayPal Express Checkout payment method updated to use API NVP 124.0.  This enables additional PayPal interfaces to be added more easily and removes the need to install PayPal Express Checkout Using NVP 84.0.
  6. PHP 7.0 compliance.  This is mostly ensuring that all class-based elements use a class-constructor named __construct.
  7. Removes the phpBB processing from the base code, leaving only notifiers.  Luckily, there are plugins that use those notifiers to fill the gap!
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