Zen Cart Banner Location Mapping

Banner Group Layout Settings

Banner Display Groups (Configuration->Layout Settings)

Zen Cart's How do I set Up Banner Ads FAQ article is an excellent starting point for configuring your store's banner ads, but I'm always at a loss to remember where the various banner groups are inserted into the standard Zen Cart page. I used my Zen Cart admin's Configuration->Layout Settings to modify each of the Banner Display Groups to identify a unique group name for each of the separate locations.

Banner Display Group Locations

Banner Display Group Locations

Then, I modified that "stock" Zen Cart v1.5.0 test site (the banner positions haven't changed in forever) to display the minimum amount of information to squish down the page so that all the banner locations could be displayed in a small(ish) image. Each of the unique banner locations are shown in red text. Click on the image to the left to view it in more detail!

Note: The sidebox banners require that the respectively-named sidebox be enabled and positioned (using Tools->Layout Boxes Controller) before the content is displayed.

Now that I've got it written down, it will be much easier to remember where each of those Banner Display Groups are positioned!

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