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Blog: Zen Cart v1.5.2-RC1 Available!


Zen Cart v1.5.2-RC1 was announced last week:

To clarify, v1.5.2 is a collection of bugfixes for v1.5.1 and a number of improvements already built-in to the upcoming v1.6.0. It is being released as an interim step between 1.5.1 and 1.6.0 to cover the gap of PA-DSS requirements updates to the v2.0 specifications, since the old 1.1 specifications have been set to "sunset" status.  It also allows the v1.5.x series to survive onto PHP 5.4/5.5.  See the whatsnew_1.5.2.html in the zip for full details of what's included.

As more and more hosting companies discontinue their support for PHP 5.2 (and even PHP 5.3 in some cases), this release builds on the changes made in v1.5.0 and v1.5.1 to provide compatibility with PHP 5.4 and later. Besides a number of bugfixes, this release provides the following enhancements:

  1. Additional configuration values (in Configuration->My Store) to allow store owners that aren't concerned with PA-DSS password rules to relax the admin timeout and password change frequency.
  2. Countries can now be individually enabled or disabled so you don't have to actually delete a country from your database if you don't want that country to be a bill-to or ship-to address
  3. The class.base.php class has been updated to include support for the Notifier Trace and "global" eventId values.
  4. Starting with this release, for consistency and PHP 5.4 compatibility $_SESSION['shipping'] should always be treated as an array.
  5. The versions.php file is now loaded as the first auto-loaded file, enabling plugins to make version-specific initializations.
  6. Added multiple-language and multiple-location support to the built-in storepickup shipping module.
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