Fix Your Store's Time Zone Offset


If your Zen Cart is installed on a hosted server that is in a different time zone (e.g. your store is based in Australia but is hosted on a server in the USA), the dates and times of your orders and email messages can get confusing. A couple of years ago, gilby created the Time Zone Fix plugin for Zen Cart v1.3.9. It was obviously a good idea ... because the Zen Cart developers included that functionality in the Zen Cart core, starting with v1.5.0!

If you're in that situation, you need to create a file named time_zone_offset.php and place this file (same file) in two locations:

  1. /includes/extra_configures/time_zone_offset.php
  2. /YOUR_ADMIN/includes/extra_configures/time_zone_offset.php
The file will look similar to:
// Full list of timezones here:
// You can modify the TZ (Time Zone) by using a named Country/City
// eg:
// TZ=America/Los_Angeles
// TZ=America/Denver;
// TZ=America/Chicago
// TZ=America/Costa_Rica;
putenv ('TZ=America/New_York');

Just go to the site to see what time zone is appropriate for your site.

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