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Blog: Zen Cart v1.5.1 released!


Zen Cart v1.5.1 was released on September 18th!  This version:

  1. Includes performance improvements via the incorporation of data_diggers' querycache functionality.
  2. Is PHP 5.4-ready, via changes to PHP htmlentities() and htmlspecialchars() calls - this is where the majority of the changed files comes from.
  3. Adds children support to the category-specific stylesheet overrides, e.g. files of the form c_XX_XX_children.css.
  4. Adds CSS anti-spam support to the contact_us, create_account, login and product_reviews_write pages.
  5. Moves the debug log files to their own (/logs) folder.
  6. Updates the database and code to handle IPv6 IP addresses (they're longer).
  7. Improves notifier support in many areas, making it easier to customize using observer-class objects rather than making core-file modifications.
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