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Overriding Zen Cart Database Settings

I've had occasion to troubleshoot an issue for a client where it's necessary to make a database configuration change.  Since I don't like receiving...

Sniff, Sniff ... What's In Your Database?

One of the more under-utilized features of Zen Cart is the sniffer class, instantiated in both the admin- and store-side as $sniffer during the...

Another Template-Override Method

When you're developing a plugin that needs to make major modifications to an existing Zen Cart template file, it can be difficult and/or cumbersome...

Zen Cart v1.5.2-RC1 Available!

Zen Cart v1.5.2-RC1 was announced last week: To clarify, v1.5.2 is a collection of bugfixes for v1.5.1 and a number of improvements already built-in...

Testing Email Formatting (with "Live" Data)

When you're working on your admin-level email formatting in a test installation with otherwise "live" date (i.e. copies of "real" customers and their...

Zen Cart Observers ... They Work in the Admin, Too!

The Zen Cart Observer Class is a great tool for plugin developers, allowing a plugin to watch for ("observe") the occurrence of an event (a...

Fix Your Store's Time Zone Offset

If your Zen Cart is installed on a hosted server that is in a different time zone (e.g. your store is based in Australia but is hosted on a server in...

Zen Cart Language File Overrides

When you write a plugin for Zen Cart, you're encouraged to use template-override methods to allow for a more easy upgrade for stores that use your...

Controlling the Display-Order of Plugin "Module" Fields

When you write a plugin Payment , Shipping or Order Total module, you usually have two or more fields that the Zen Cart admin user can change to...

Keep 'live' PayPal credentials even though you're using the 'sandbox' server

When you use PayPal Express Checkout as a payment method and you're switching to the 'sandbox' server occasionally to check things out, it can be...
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