Zen Cart Observers: Observations

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Oct 082017

One thing to consider when you’re writing a Zen Cart plugin that includes an observer-class module is the point at which any monitored notification is going to be “fired”.  Auto-loading observers, previously discussed here, are great since using that method can reduce the number of files that a plugin needs in its distribution … but […]

Products’ URL: Template File Changes for Zen Cart 1.5.3 and later

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Apr 302015

Starting with Zen Cart v1.5.3, the built-in handling that displays a product’s URL was changed.  If you are upgrading your store from a previous version of Zen Cart and you want your products’ URLs to continue to properly display, make sure to merge the following changes into your template’s tpl_*_display.php files.  In each file, look […]

Zen Cart v1.5.4 Released!

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Jan 012015

Zen Cart v1.5.4 was released yesterday, primarily containing bugfixes and performance improvements over and above Zen Cart v1.5.3; this version (like v1.5.0) is PCI-compliant. One change of note is the addition of an admin function: zen_record_admin_activity.  This function is now widely used within the various Zen Cart admin modules, especially in the (ever popular) /YOUR_ADMIN/orders.php.  […]