Zen Cart Observers: Observations

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Oct 082017

One thing to consider when you’re writing a Zen Cart plugin that includes an observer-class module is the point at which any monitored notification is going to be “fired”.  Auto-loading observers, previously discussed here, are great since using that method can reduce the number of files that a plugin needs in its distribution … but […]

Drop-down Attributes Stop Working After Installing AIS

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Mar 152015

If your normal drop-down (a.k.a select-type) attributes stop working after installing my Attribute Image Swatch plugin, then your site’s been the victim of an improperly-coded plugin’s installation SQL script.  This issue has been “known” for a couple of years, with swguy posting this in April of 2012. I’ll be updating AIS real-soon-now to pro-actively re-insert […]

Upgrading Your Zen Cart

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Feb 282015

Now that Zen Cart v1.5.4 has been out for a couple of months, more shop-owners are looking to upgrade their Zen Cart software to that version.  As such, I thought that I’d provide a couple of suggestions and hints to help in that transition. If your current store’s Zen Cart version is pre-v1.5.0, I suggest […]