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Welcome to Vinos de Frutas Tropicales

Please Note: As of 1 January 2015, my site will no longer support automatic delivery of digital downloads to customers whose IP addresses are associated with countries in the EU. If you are in the EU and wish to purchase one of my commercial (i.e. priced) plugins, please choose an alternate delivery option.

Welcome to Vinos de Frutas Tropicales, where I specialize in Zen Cart customizations. My name is Cindy Merkin and I've been developing software and software systems for 37 years — Zen Cart for the past 5 — and am an avid problem-solver. Let me help you to get the most out of your Zen Cart!

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I can help you install a new or upgrade an existing Zen Cart. If your site needs something special, I can provide you with some custom programming to implement your vision. When your site's not working properly, I can diagnose and correct the problem. It all starts with a quote; let me know your website's name and give me some details about the job you'd like quoted and I'll get right back with you.

I've also got a variety of Zen Cart Plugins that I've either authored or contributed to available for download at Vinos de Frutas Tropicales. The majority of them are available for free download and, for a small fee, I can install them for you.

You might be wondering what this website's name has to do with Zen Cart customizations — short answer: nothing. My husband, Stan, and I have a corporation in Costa Rica named Vinos de Frutas Tropicales S.A., so we registered this website name. The website's here … I figured I might as well use it.

Now available … Products' Options' Stock Manager! This plugin will enable your store to track individual option-combinations' (also known as product-variants) stock levels, assigning a combination-specific model number and out-of-stock message customization. For products with multiple attributes (e.g. Size and Color), you can enable the plugin's dependent attribute support, giving your store further control on the products' presentation to the customer. Also provided in the plugin's distribution is a script that allows you to convert an existing Stock by Attributes (SBA) installation into its options-stock equivalent.

I'd like to announce the availability of v1.3.2 of the Payable Invoice payment method! This payment method allows you to truly invoice your customers; the customer comes back to your store to pay their invoice using one of your other payment methods (e.g. PayPal,, LinkPoint API, and others). Both the invoice and the final payment occur on the same Zen Cart order_id, making it easy for you to manage your invoices and their payments!

In addition, I've verified that v1.3.2 of the Automated Email Engine (AEE), is supported under Zen Cart v1.5.3 — it's a Zen Cart plugin that allows you to easily configure and automate after-purchase emails sent by your store. You configure the AEE to send emails a specified number of days after an order's orders-status value is changed to a specified status. Check out the readme.html file, available via the plugin's link, for more information.

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